With a team of executives with over 50 years of working with and training many of the leading automotive solutions companies, The Performance Automotive Solutions Team" fully understands what it takes to create a high-quality line-up of automotive products and cutting edge dealer programs.

We are partnered with an automotive solutions manufacturer with over five decades in the industry to create a full suite of solutions that not only provide enhance vehicle protection, they also provide exceptional value. Our Automotive fluids solutions coupled with the wide array of dealer programs creates an unparalleled network of marketing solutions that can drive sales in all areas of dealer operations.

performance automotive solutions

Our Products

​Unlike many of our competitors who are forced to outsource most of the programs necessary to train, support, and drive sales in the service department, our team has the expertise, resources, and network to support our dealer clients from the ground up. 

At Performance Marketing, we are very excited to have the opportunity to bring our new line of automotive solutions, exceptional dealer programs, and new business philosophy to our clients.

  • DOT4 Brake Fluid
  • Synthetic Gear Oil
  • Fuel System Cleaner
  • Fuel Injector & Induction Kit
  • Transmission Service Kit
  • Cooling System Service Kit
  • Universal Synthetic AT
  • Power Steering Kits

business philosophy

Our products are carefully formulated to be the safest in the market, safe for the vehicles and the technician.