• NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to control behaviors
  • VAK (Visual Auditory & Kinesthetic) learning and communication models
  • Auto sales strategies and client communication techniques
  • Telephone strategies and best practices
  • Service drive operational effectiveness
  • Full library of service advisor training and improvement curriculum.
  • Increasing dealership profits while improving client satisfaction
  • Establishing best practices, process improvements and increasing sales
  • How to create a client experience that is truly exceptional

Our training programs are focused on customer service, service advisor, and support staff training, selling techniques and personal improvement. We have partnered with proven national trainer Paul Webb (Paul Webb Training) to provide our clients with both on-line and live training programs.

Paul  provide training for a myriad of automobile manufactures nationwide with brands like, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Honda and many more. His expertise, passion and knowledge makes the programs stand head and shoulders above their peers.

The Performance Team has created dealer programs that allow us to offer co-op opportunities to our clients that make training programs more affordable and cost effective.

Our team of proven professionals will bring their vast knowledge base to bear in key areas such as:


Paul Webb Training

Paul helps our clients accelerate growth, improve sales productivity, and reduce customer-care costs. Rather than cut or re-grow the workforce strategy, our focus is getting the right skills in place to both achieve and adapt to an evolving market.

We will help increase the value of your customer relationships, enhance the economic value of your brands, and improve client satisfaction.